Sew Your Own

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You Sew  🙂

Why sew your own?

  • Its fun 😊
  • Saves money
  • Lets you be creative with adding your own embellishments
  • Lets you tailor the tail to your tastes and proportions
  • It’s a great project to do when its too cold to swim
  • It’s a great mom and daughter, grandma and granddaughter, or aunt and niece project.

Do It Yourself Mermaid Tails

Each tail is dye sublimated 1mm scuba knit fabric. Which is cut and ready for you to start sewing. We do not include, zippers, or elastic.

Our side fins are attached (unless otherwise noted).

Sewing a mermaid tail requires sewing experience.

Here is a great video by the Vancouver Mermaid that shows the steps she uses.