One Tail to Fit Them All…


Performance Tails is compatible with the largest number of mono fins on the planet 😊

We want support mermaids in as many was as possible. We want you to choose your Performance Tail to wear, no matter what mono fin you own or will own in the future

As your swimming locations change, your objectives for the swim as well as your skill set so does your choice of mono fin. We understand that.

Some mono fins are built for speed like the Finis Competitor,or Finis Shooter, and Waterways products. Some are general purpose like the Linden, the FinFun and the Suntail, while others are designed specifically for mermaiding like the Finis Luna, the Lucia, Mertailer Fantasea Original Fantasea 3 and the Mahina, we want to support them all.

Here is a partial list of the mono fins that Performance Tails supports:

  1. ​Linden
  2. Mahina
  3. Finis
  4. Waterways
  5. Suntail
  6. Mertailor Fantasea 3
  7. Mertailor Original Fantasea Fin
  8. Mertailor Fantasy Fin Too
  9. Leader
  10. FinFun
  11. Mermaid Kat Kydra
  12. Mermaid Kat Triton
  13. Lucia
  14. Finis Competitor
  15. Leaderfins