Back up your Silicone Tail with a Fabric One

A lot of merfolk have expensive and heavy Silicone tails and have asked us to make a fabric facile for them to use when they dont want to use the Silicone tail.
The most cost effective way to do this is to use our tail design and put your Silicone design on it. Fabric does not have the same properties of Silicone so your fabric tail will be a facsile, meaning, it will have your colors, patterns and graphics, but it will not be the same shape.
It will be made to your specific measurements and ready in under 30 days from receipt of your order.
Please contact us for more information.

Alternate Fluke Shapes

If you really have your heart set on specific fluke shape, we make that for you. The process is simple, you send us the shape you want along with the kind of monofin you will be using and your size (XXS,XS, M,L,XL). We will utilize the design you made in our designer, or the one you selected from our predesigned tails, on the new shape and show you for approval. This is a design process and there is a fee associated with it, but, we can do it 🙂

Custom Sizes

We make custom sizes to order. There is an additional $150 custom order charge.

Contact us to coordinate.